Sundays at 11:15 a.m., in-person or on Zoom. Sundays feature games, large-group teaching, and reflection on what we're learning.


Sundays at 11:15 a.m.

On Sundays, we meet for worship and large-group teaching with small-group discussion.

We start with a game and time to hang out in the Student Auditorium (Main Building, big room at the end of the north hallway). Then, we split up for age-appropriate teaching. Middle School (grades 6-8) goes to the Student Lounge (smaller room adjacent to the Student Auditorium) while High School (grades 9-12) stays in the Student Auditorium.

This Month's Sunday Series



Being a good friend is easy! As long as you make time to hang out, remember their birthday, and answer their texts, you’re eligible for the Great Friend Award . . . right?


Friendship might feel easy when life is easy, but it gets more complicated when your friends are hurting or struggling. What should you do? What should you say? What should you not say?


When our friends need help, there are no easy answers, but in this series, we’ll follow the lead of a few people who’ve been there. Through the stories of Job, Ruth, Naomi, and Elijah, we’ll see how God invites us to “be with” people when they’re grieving, lonely, in need, or feeling hopeless, and how God is already with them.

  • November 7 - Be with people when they're grieving.

  • November 14 - Be with people when they're lonely.

  • November 21 - Be with people when they're in need.

  • November 28 - No Student Service (Thanksgiving Break)