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Sundays at 11:15 am - In-person or on Zoom

This Month's Sunday Series



Have you ever had to follow a rule that made absolutely no sense to you? Maybe it was a rule about what you could or couldn’t wear, where you could or couldn’t go, or who you could or couldn’t spend time with. When some people think about God, that is what they think about — a list of rules miles long that don’t seem important or relevant to their lives.

But Jesus said there are only two rules that matter most: love God and love others as you love yourself. In this 4-week series from the book of James, we'll discover that...

  • February 7 - The right rules can set you free

  • February 14 - Free people don't dance with danger

  • February 21 - Free people make decisions that benefit others

  • February 28 - Free people give up their freedoms for others


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