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Helping people and families find their place in God's story

From the beginning, it has been our dream to be a church that knows how to talk about the things that matter in ways that everyone can understand. In our worship style, structure, and schedule, we seek to be a place where faith in Jesus is accessible to people who are new to church or wonder if there is a meaningful place for God in their lives.

Our Values

Community is our Middle Name

We believe in the power of community and connection. We are not meant to do life alone. At Bear Valley, everyone is welcome and every story matters.


The Next Step is the Most Important

Everyone has a next step. Whether it's joining a group, discovering your ministry or your life's mission, our goal is to help you take a next step.


God's Word Guides Our Journey

We believe that God's Word is our guidebook for how to live and love like Jesus. Scripture is central to everything we do at Bear Valley.


We Live to Give

Our goal as Jesus followers is to give of our time, talents and wealth in order to love people, meet needs and share Jesus with the world.

Our Mission is to Become a Force for God

Everyone has a place in God's story and God's mission. Our goal at Bear Valley is to help you to find your unique purpose and mission in this world. 

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