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find your place in God's story

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everyone is welcome.

every story matters.

including yours.

At Bear Valley, we believe everyone has a story and a journey that is unique to them. We want to be a place where everyone is welcome - truly everyone. We believe that God created each person beautifully and wonderfully and that He never makes mistakes. No matter what your story looks like, you can find a place to connect here at Bear Valley. 


Starting Point

Starting Point is an introduction to Bear Valley's mission, vision, values, and story. If you're interested in joining our church, this is the place to start. If you want to learn more about what it means to become a follower of Jesus, this is also the place for you! Starting Point is led by Pastor Lee and meets in the main auditorium.

The class lasts about an hour.



Bear Valley’s LifeGroups are designed to help you learn and live the way of Jesus in community with other believers. Each week, you’ll study, share, pray, have fun, and pursue God with a group of people who will know your story, love you as you are, and help you become who Jesus calls you to be. Click the link to find a group that's right for you, or to sign up to start a group of your own.


Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams are the heart of Bear Valley Church. We have over 200 team members serving in various ministries on a weekly and monthly basis. Whether you're a gifted musician, a tech genius, a prayer warrior, or you love to work with kids, students or families in need - there's a place for you to serve the church and community on a regular basis. Click the link to find your team.


This October we're kicking off a new initiative we're calling our IMPACT Initiative. To learn more about how we all can make a significant impact for God's Kingdom, click the IMPACT logo.




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