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What We're Talking About

Relationships are SO complicated -- but they're also an essential part of our lives. Is it possible to have relationships that are loving, supportive, and free from drama? What do we do when the drama finds us? Join us for this 6-week series and learn God's plan for how you can have drama-free relationships!

  • February 5: How Boundaries Work

  • February 12: Navigating Your Family’s Future

  • February 19: Dealing with Difficult People

  • February 26: The Difference a Parent Makes

  • March 5: Let’s Face It: Marriage is Complicated

  • March 12: Two Keys for Great Relationships


everyone is welcome.

every story matters.

including yours.

At Bear Valley, we believe everyone has a story and a journey that is unique to them. We want to be a place where everyone is welcome - truly everyone. We believe that God created each person beautifully and wonderfully and that He never makes mistakes. No matter what your story looks like, you can find a place to connect here at Bear Valley. 

One of our Core Values is, "The next step is the most important." No matter where you are on your faith journey, we believe God has an achievable next step you can take to grow in your faith. Here are some opportunities for you to grow with us!

Spring LifeGroups Start February 6-12

Find the right LifeGroup for you at our Chili Cook-off on Sunday February 5! Find a group to encourage you and pray for you as you grow together in your walk with Christ. Groups will be choosing their own studies this Spring, from watching The Chosen to studying specific books of the Bible to topics like Archaeology and Christian Parenting. To get connected with a group, contact Julia Bauman.



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