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We have a great calling here at Bear Valley - to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ. God has called us to bring His hope to the communities of Northeast Tarrant County and to communicate in word and action how much God loves each individual person.

Just like the early church to whom Christ gave the Great Commission (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth), God has called us to reach out to our community, the Metroplex, Texas and the US, and Mexico, Canada, and the ends of the earth. We've been faithful in following every path to which God has called us - and what an amazing journey that has been!

We call these partnerships the 70 Villages - all the ministries God has placed in our laps. And here in the month of October, we've added two more!

Village #64: Shannon High School

Shannon is the alternative high school for Birdville ISD. Shannon has no PTA or football team booster club or anything like that. Most high schools have lots of support from parents and clubs and such, but not Shannon. So Bear Valley has adopted this school to help out and bring encouragement to their teachers and staff.

Village #65: Refugees from Afghanistan

Just this week, two new Afghan families arrived here to our community, and we have adopted them as American friends. The first family has a mom and dad and two college aged sons. The second family is the daughter of the first, and her husband and their three little kiddos. These families received an email from the US Embassy saying that they needed to leave their houses immediately and go to the Kabul airport for transport out of the country. They left behind their homes, cars, bank accounts, and all worldly possessions except for what would fit in a suitcase. And now they are here ... safe from harm. We welcome them to America! This is what our IMPACT Initiative is all about - being the love of Jesus here and around the world.

One major part of the IMPACT Initiative is to provide for Indigenous Leadership Training. In our church, we have the Mathew family and the Sher family: one is building a Bible College in India and one in Pakistan. We want to provide the furnishings for their new buildings when they are completed so that the students will have classrooms capable of having online educators from the USA or anywhere in the world.

Another major part of the IMPACT Initiative is to complete the Boys Dorm for El-Rohi in India. The dorm was started, but the Covid crisis shut down construction. We need to finish that up so that both the boys and girls will have wonderful living spaces.

A final major emphasis for the IMPACT Initiative to enhance our Sunday Morning Experience by remodeling the Commons and upgrading our worship service and online video technology. These improvements will create a more welcoming environment for everyone who worships as part of our church, both in person and online. We will also continue with debt retirement.

On Commitment Day (Sunday, November 14), we'll all have an opportunity to make a pledge and give a cash gift to kick off our IMPACT Initiative. Peggy and I are very excited about this opportunity and plan to give more than we've ever given before. We are so honored to be able to give of what God has given us to change





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