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70 Villages

A Ministry of Bear Valley Church

At a 2013 Church Planter training event in India, a husband and wife pastor team shared that their church's lifetime goal is to plant one church (along with medical care and educational facilities) in every one of the 70 villages that are in their district. They are the largest church in the only city in that district, so they felt that they have a responsibility to all the villages around them. So far, they have planted ten churches.

I had to ask myself the question, "What are Bear Valley's 70 villages?" We are not constrained by location as they are. We can travel the world, and if the DFW Metroplex were a country, we would be the 21st most wealthy country in the world with a GDP over $560 billion. Imagine what kind of impact we could make locally and all over the globe. So, we are in the process of developing 70 permanent ministry partnerships ("villages") both at home and around the world.

- Pastor Lee

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