Our Next Steps classes are designed to help you understand what it means to follow Jesus in your everyday life.

We believe these 4 steps are essential for being a fully committed Christian. You can learn more about each of these

classes below. We offer them several times each year, so you can complete them all in just a few months.


An introduction to Bear Valley's mission, vision, values and story. If you're interested in joining BV or would like to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, this is the place to start.


Spiritual Foundations focuses on four key habits for growing in our personal relationship with Jesus: Bible study, prayer, stewardship, and fellowship.


This group will help you understand how God can use your unique gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and life experiences to serve others. It will also help you connect with a ministry team at Bear Valley.


My Life Mission will help you connect your life to God's mission in the world. You'll learn more about the mission and message of Jesus and how to share that message in your daily life.