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We Can Make an Impact for God's Kingdom

The time has come to leap into a huge new project to move our church forward and advance the cause of Christ. We've been through almost two years of Covid, and it's time to do something great in God's work. That's why we're launching the IMPACT Initiative, seeking to answer the question, "How can we impact our world for Christ?"

The goal of the IMPACT Initiative is to Impact our Community, Impact our World, and Impact our Future. On this page, you'll learn how we want to make an impact in each of these areas through things like upgrading our Sunday morning Worship experience; completing our El Rohi AIDS home in India; training leaders around the world to spread the Gospel in their contexts; and retiring the mortgage debt on our church facilities so we can repurpose that money for greater ministry impact.

I am really excited about being a part of this great new challenge: The IMPACT Initiative. Join me in praying that God would do a great work among us!

- Pastor Lee


With the IMPACT Initiative, we want to create a lasting impact for God's Kingdom through above-and-beyond gifts to three areas of focus: our community, our world, and our future.

Impact our COMMUNITY

Building an IMPACTful Sunday morning experience, in-person and online

Our most important ministry is to the community around us in the Mid Cities area. Though we minister to our community every day, gathering for worship on Sunday morning is the highlight of our week and the best time for us to reach the people in our community who are seeking a place to belong and encounter the living God! Through the IMPACT Initiative, we want to create a welcoming worship environment by renovating our Commons area and upgrading audio-visual equipment in the Main Auditorium to modern technologies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also revealed the importance of online ministry as the front door of the church, including live-streaming of worship services. Through the IMPACT Initiative, we want to upgrade our live-streaming capabilities to create a high quality experience for people who are exploring our church, as well as for those who aren't able to join us in person.

Impact our WORLD

Increasing the IMPACT of our 70 Villages ministry partners around the world

Bear Valley's ministry partnerships truly reach around the world - throughout the Mid Cities area and Tarrant County, across Texas and the United States, and internationally to Canada, Mexico, Wales, India, and many other places. The IMPACT Initiative will provide ongoing funding for these partnerships for the next 3 years, as well as for several specific projects.

First, we want to finish the boys' dormitory at the El Rohi AIDS Home in India. Construction of the boys' dorm was halted because of the pandemic, but we are now ready to complete this project. This dormitory is the final stage in building the facilities for the children at El Rohi, which already include a girls' dormitory, a kitchen & dining area, and a water tower.

The IMPACT Initiative will also fund indigenous Christian leadership training through the South Asia Leadership Institute (SALI) in India and Hunook Bible College in Pakistan. These schools are training pastors in India and Pakistan to return to their hometowns and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ under hostile conditions. Both schools are in the process of completing their classroom buildings to facilitate in person and remote learning. The IMPACT Initiative will provide furnishings for these buildings and ongoing support for students at both schools.

Impact our FUTURE

Expanding the IMPACT of our future ministries through debt reduction today

As we approach the 30th anniversary of our life as a church in 2022, we want to continue growing in the maturity and responsibility with which we handle our finances. Previous capital fundraising initiatives and generous annual giving have helped to build our current facilities, but incurring a mortgage was also a necessary part of bringing our facilities to where they are today. We want to prepare for growth in the future by retiring our current building loan as quickly as possible and redirecting those funds into the active ministries of our church. Your generous giving to the BUILD Initiative starting in 2017 allowed us to pay off over $550,000 in mortgage debt over the last four years, and we want to continue aggressively paying down our debt over the next three years through the IMPACT Initiative.

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